Join us in some crafting fun!
A Time to Inspire offers Workshops Your Way. You pick the date/time of when your group wants to create together. Request a Workshop Registration Link from us. Once your link is our website, share the link with your group. Every person will pick their project/design and pay during their registration. All of the workshop materials will be dropped off at the Hosts home/location. There is a How to Guide with every project to follow along, as well as a link to our How to Videos. Your group will be able to enjoy your workshop together in any way you choose and for as long as you want. 
Celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion. Make it a wine night. Have a Home Decor decorating party! It is all up to you on what you want your workshop to look like! But we make it easy, by getting all your crafting supplies together and delivering it to you! (We are located in Blaine, MN and will have a limit of distance to drop off)
We also offer Custom Orders and Single Workshop Kits for you to create on your own!
We will update new designs often so come check out what we are creating. 

Hello, my name is Jessica Soderman, I am excited to bring you this type workshop & all it has to offer. My vision for the workshops is that you will be inspired to create the piece you chose for the night & want to create again! I hope you are filled with joy & kindness during your time together. There can be so much negative in our days, that I want an experience where we can get together, create, & have a fun time. Now more than ever is A Time to Inspire! We have the ability to bring people together, create an atmosphere of joy & laughter, and be able to be so much more then just be a sale. I hope you take time to experience a workshop. Help spread some inspiration in this world & tell your friends about "A Time to Inspire".


-Jessica Soderman 

~Meet the Owner~

Jessica Soderman