Frequently asked questions

Registering for a Workshop

How do I regsiter for a Workshop?

Go to the Workshop tab and select which month you would like to register for. Find a project with a date that works for you and click on the Register Now button.

How many people can register for a workshop?

If you are attending a workshop on site at the owner's home, it will fit 6 attendees. If you are booking an off site workshop at your home or another location, (church, school, etc) then it will depend on the size space offered there.

How do I view the design options for my workshop date?

Each workshop will have an image like the one above with the example and the design options listed to the right of it.

When do I pay for my workshop?

You pay for your workshop when you register online.


What type of painting materials will I use on my project?

We have Folk Art Home Decor Chalk paints, Acrylic paints, Rust-oleum Chalk Paints, & Minwax water based stains for everyone to pick from to use for their projects.

How will I know what type of paints/stains to use?

Your instructor will go over the varied uses for each type of finish. How you want your final project to look will dictate the types of paints/stains you will use. Your instructor can help talk you through different ideas as well.

Do I need to bring an apron?

There are aprons for everyone to wear duing the workshop! Please note: long sleeves, flowy tops, etc have a better chance of still getting paint on them even with an apron. Please dress comfortably and know that paint can splatter.

What if I am not comfortable using the tools needed to finish my project?

Your instructor will be happy to assist you or do it for you.

Workshop Details

How long will my workshop take?

Plan 2-3 hours to complete your workshop.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the workshop?

Everything you need to complete your workshop will be provided for you. Please feel free to bring a non-alcohalic beverage and/or snack with. There is a small retail line you can shop from, please bring cash/card for payment.

Will I get to sit by my friend if we both register for the same public workshop?

All seating is open! When you come in, you will get to choose your spots and then your stencils will be handed out.

What does my workshop fee include?

The fee includes all the materials you will need to complete your workshop. No hidden fees when you arrive!

Can I cancel my workshop registration?

You can cancel your registration, but it must be cancelled 3 full days before your workshop date (not including your date of the workshop as a day). Example: Your workshop date is October 15th. You would need to cancel by midnight of October 11th. Email us at and request a cancellation. Once recieved and reviewed, we will process your refund if it is within the allowed cancellation times. If you are past the 3 full days before your event you have two options: either be refunded 50% of the workshop registration amount this helps cover materials already prepped and time put into your project) or you can contact us and let us know you would like to come in on a different workshop date. NOTE: We will only keep your materials on hand for 2 months after your orignial workshop date. After 2 months your registration becomes void.

How will I know what to do to complete my project?

Your instructor will lead you through each step. If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to ask.

What if I don't like my project when I am finished?

We hope this doesn't happen, but sometimes we are our own worst critics. Every project will be it's own unique piece. Enjoy it and enjoy your time in the workshop with your friends. I cannot offer refunds on workshop fees if you aren't satisfied with your end result.

Can I bring alcohol to the workshop?

The city of Coon Rapids does not permit my type of business to allow guests to drink alcohol in the store. Please feel free to bring any non alcoholic beverages to the workshop. You may go out before or after for a drink. Please note that if the insturctor feels you are under the influence, they have the right to decide to do the nailng poriton of your project for you.

Services Provided

Do you offer private party workshops?

Yes we do! Go to our Book A Party Page for all of the details.

Do you offer Kid Birthday Packages?

Yes!!! Check out our Birthday Party tab to see all of the party packages we offer!

Do you have Walk In hours for shopping or workshops?

We do not have walk in hours at this time.

How can I shop your Boutique line?

We have boutique hours twice a month. Every first and third Thurs-Sunday. All times and dates are posted on our Boutique Tab. You can also shop our boutique line during your workshop! What is better then crafting? Crafting and shopping!